Radio postmortem

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the interview (in which I sure do overuse the phrase “y’know”), which also includes my colleague at CU William Wei.

Just finished up a brief interview on KTRH radio in Houston talking about the tensions on the Korean peninsula. I didn’t really have much to add beyond yesterday’s post on the topic, but it was a pretty enjoyable experience. Sure, I’m just one more (fairly quiet) talking head in the cacophony talk on this issue, but there’s something satisfying about having an immediate outlet for one’s expertise that can, in this case, reassure people that the evidence points to a pretty low chance of this thing escalating to war. To the extent that happened, I’m satisfied.

More to come throughout the day, especially as more of those leaked diplomatic cables hit the web. Speaking of which, here’s Blake Hounshell at FP with a pretty thoughtful take on this mess so far…