APSA postmortem

Had a great, great experience at APSA (and no, not just time with friends — though the flight museum, the half marathon, all night foo fighters, shorty’s, and my first experience with oysters were absurdly epic). Was fortunate to have two fantastic discussants, both on the threat-of-coup paper and the world opinion piece. For the former, I’ve got ideas for enriching the (currently sparse) model to give it more empirical (and testable) bite, and on the latter, a different literature to ground it in so that I’m not in the big mess of defining world opinion (though the big takeaway point – that strategic restraint can sometimes discourage but very often encourage war – stays in place), and I couldn’t be happier with how it all turned out. Look for updates to both in this space soon, and thanks to all the panel participants and discussants…

2 thoughts on “APSA postmortem

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